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The Phi Delta Kappa Founders:


Zach Anderson

Ray Neal

James Reed

Louis Elliot

George Nottingham

Loftis Jones

Paul (Martin) Dillon

How Phi Delta Kappa Started


The following story appeared in the April, 1926 magazine and was written by Brother Zack Sanderson, one of the founders of Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity. Dates and events were verified by Brother George B. Nottingham, another one of the founders and first National President of Phi Delta Kappa.

The Road to Baghdad


The following story appeared in the National Magazine in 1926. This was written by another of the seven original founders, Brother Paul Martin. Brother Martin also was responsible for writing the Phi Delta Kappa Rituals. This article appeared again in the National Magazine in 1977 through PNP Dave Holloway.

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How Phi Delta Kappa Started   |   The Road to Baghdad

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