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1954 Frances Johns Miss. Alpha; Meridian, MS
1956 Norma Carmichael Alpha; Marion IN
1960 Jeanette Waring Fla. Alpha; Tampa, FL
1961 Dorothy Pilgreen Ala. Alpha; Montgomery, AL
1962 Jean Miller Zeta Eta; LaPorte, IN
1963 Yvonne Hiler Zeta Eta, LaPorte, IN
1964 Helen Cobie Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
1965 Betty Walker Fla. Mu; Lake Worth, FL
1966 Eloise Schepper Alpha, Marion, IN
1967 Maxine Prescott Beta Eta, Winchester, IN
1968 Mary Harrigan Alpha; Marion, IN
1969 Virginia Davisson Gamma Theta; Danville, IN
1970 Betty Covington Miss. Alpha; Meridian, MS
1970 Gertrude Wyatt Ala. Alpha; Montgomery, AL
1971 Rose Shoemaker Theta; Muncie, IN
1972 Helen Klein Epsilon Eta; Gary, IN
1973 Mary McMinn Zeta Eta; LaPorte, IN
1974 Darlene Xaver Delta Nu; Plymouth, IN
1975 Vivian Davis Gamma Theta; Danville, IN
1976 Edith Badger Alpha, Marion, IN
1977 Jane Grott Gamma Lambda; Michigan City, IN
1978 Jane Snyder Ga. Alpha; Atlanta, GA
1979 Jean Wall Fla. Mu; Lake Worth, FL
1980 Judy Landrum Alpha; Marion, IN
1981 Anna Mae Lynch Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
1982 Pat Gunn Fla. Lambda; Tampa, FL
1983 Shirley Sims Lambda; Peru, iN
1984 Nancy Geisler Zeta Eta; LaPorte, IN
1985 Jill McKay Fla. Nu; West Palm Beach, FL
1986 Barbara Walker Fla. Mu; Lake Worth, FL
1987 Kay Bates Fla. Lambda; Tampa, FL
1988 Betty Mattern Beta Beta; Wabash, IN
1989 Jackie Holloway Alpha; Marion, IN
1990 Jean Conway Ga. Alpha; Atlanta, GA
1991 Betty Duncan Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
1992 Darlene Skipper Ala. Alpha; Montgomery, AL
1993 Patty Cressman Fla. Nu; West Palm Beach, FL
1994 Mary Lou Meadows Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
1995 Bonnie Tim Gamma Lambda; Michigan City, IN
1996 Elsie Parr Theta; Muncie, IN
1997 Mary Hager Fla. Nu; West Palm Beach, FL
1998 Carole Blake Fla. Mu; Lake Worth, FL
1999 Melody Sumpter Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
2000 Nancy Taylor Fla. Alpha Lambda; Tampa, FL
2001 Sandy Dodd Beta Eta; Winchester, IN
2002 Amy Watts Fla. Nu; West Palm Beach, FL
2003 Susan Terruso Delta Nu; Plymouth, IN
2004 Rhea Johnson Fla. Mu; Lake Worth, FL
2005 Mary Rieker Fla. Alpha Lambda; Tampa, FL
2006 Sharon Musser Fla. Alpha Lambda; Tampa, FL
2007 Louise Rodman Beta Beta; Wabash, IN
2008 Judy Marshall Beta Eta; Winchester, IN
2009 Stephanie Smurr Fla. Alpha Lambda; Tampa, FL
2010 Deb Reid Gamma Theta; Danville, IN
2011 Karen Williams Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
2012 Diana Dull Beta Eta; Winchester, IN
2013 Helen Chambers Fla. Alpha Lambda; Odessa, FL
2014 Candie Nelson Beta Nu; Kokomo, IN
2015 Jan Leach Gamma Theta; Danville, IN
2016 Jacki Parks Beta Eta; Winchester, IN

Past National Sweethearts

Here is a complete list of our Past National Sweethearts (PNP) since it was first implemented back in 1954.

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