About PDK

A Brotherhood of business and professional men, conceived in fellowship, based on ethics and faith in The Supreme Being, and dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of The American Way of Life.

About Us

Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, Inc. was founded in Marion Indiana on June 7, 1902. Seven young men created PDK from a shared vision, which has continued to unite hard-working men who seek to give back to their local communities.

Founded By:


Ray L. Neal

George B. Nottingham

Loftis T. Jones

James L. Reed

Paul R. Martin

Louis Elliott

Zach C. Sanderson

History of Phi Delta Kappa

When I think that a small group of boys, none more than eighteen years of age, formed an organization which has endured for twenty-five years, which has grown from a membership of less than ten to an active membership of 2,500, which has seventy-six chapters and which flourishes in five states.  I feel that the foundation of this organization was indeed, an achievement.  I, for one, am proud of it and no honor that might come to me, were I in a position to merit honors, could possibly equal that of being one of the Founders of Phi Delta Kappa.

How little did any of us dream, on that bright June day of 1902, that we were building for the future; that we were laying foundations upon a solid rock for the rearing of a beautiful structure in which brotherly love was to abide and which was to engender strength of purpose and nobility of character in a mighty army of worthy young Americans.

Paul R. Martin – National Master of Ceremonies – 1926