Here Comes The Fun!

Hello Brothers and Sweethearts! It sure was a fun time down in Florida at Seralago.   President Chris Lawrence and his FL Alpha Lambda brothers made sure everyone and everything was well taken care of. There was plenty of delicious food and beverages to keep us all wet and well fed. The best part is still the fun of sitting around listening and talking to so many different brothers. One thing a Phi Delta Kappa brother can do is tell a story that can keep you captivated.

The Saturday morning meeting had 51 brothers in attendance! Wow that is absolutely fantastic! It was a great meeting, fun and informative. Thank you for letting us Yanks attend this great weekend event. Brother Chris Lawrence told that this weekend used to be called the “Yankee Retreat” I will say to get out the cold Indiana winter, even if just for a long weekend, is a true blessing! The love, fun and most of all the brotherhood is what make PDK so special.

At one point late in the afternoon on Saturday Brother Pat Martucci turned the music down and got everyone’s attention. He said something along the lines of “Hey look around! Nobody has their nose buried in the cellphone! Just groups of people sitting around talking and laughing!”   By God he was right! Granted this was not a small crowd of people either. This type of fun is why I love PDK!

Early in the morning on February 9th Sarah and I along with Brian and Chiquita Blunt took off in Brian’s van and headed South and East to Winchester for “The best all you can eat breakfast in America.” We were not disappointed one bit. This was a twofold visit. Later in the evening Beta Eta was hosting their annual Sweetheart Dinner and Dance.   After breakfast we dropped our dress clothes off at Scott and Diana Dull’s “And the Horse You Rode In on Ranch”.

We then took off exploring East Central Indiana. We had fun chatting, jamming to some music and ended up in Muncie at a pawn shop. We did get back in time to rest and then attend the evening event. As they always do Beta Eta hit it out of the park with the evening festivities. The prime rib dinner prepared by PNP/Emir Scott Dull and his crew was delicious!   The party was in honor of our National Sweetheart, Beta Eta’s own, Brenda Woolf!

The after dinner program began by introducing all of the dignitaries in house. This included all of the past Chapter Sweethearts at Beta Eta. Heck even their past princes were also introduced. Congrats to all! After the program the Sean Lamb Band had everyone up dancing.   It was another fun and fantastic night of PDK love and brotherhood. I am so blessed to have PDK be such an important part of my life.

Sarah and I love the fun we get out of traveling to different cities and different Chapters. We always have a good time with our brothers and their sweethearts. If you get a chance please get out to another Chapter for one of their events. I bet you will have FUN too!

Until next time remember to tell your loved ones every day that you love them. Hug a brother and get involved. Proud to be a Phi Delta Kappa!

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