Hello from Mississippi Alpha,

I hope this article finds all my Brothers and Sweethearts doing well and in good health.

Well, it is February and time for Ground Hog Day. I am writing this article before Ground Hog Day, but I hope and am ready for things to start getting warmer. I am sure my Brothers and Sweethearts in the northern states are more ready than I am.

It is time to start packing for our journey to the Phi Delta Kappa Winter Retreat at Seralago. I sure hope the weather is warm and good to us. I know the hospitality, food, and Brotherhood will be fantastic as always. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

I am so glad to see that a couple of our chapters have requested and taken advantage of our expansion funds. Maybe this will help us bring in new members by being recognized.

Speaking of warmer weather, our clocks will change next month to daylight savings time. Just the longer afternoons make it seem warmer. And our spring SEC meeting and Northern Chapter Chase is just around the corner. It will be time to do a little traveling and to see all of you. I am doing my very best to visit every chapter this year.

Before I close, remember February is Valentine’s Day and I am sure all of our chapters will be holding their Sweethearts Banquets. Remember to hug your sweetheart as well as a Brother.It is almost time for 20/20 drawings to be in full swing. See any National Officer and they will be happy to assist you in purchasing your tickets.Until next month, proud to be a Phi Delt and May God Bless.Johnny King

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