National President’s Message January 2020

Hello brother’s and sister’s,

Christina and I hope that everyone has a great New Year!

November 4th and 5th we made the trip to Mississippi for their Annual Chili Cook-off.  I was glad to see that there were 4 other National Officers in attendance besides myself.  Brother’s King and More from Mississippi, Brother Lamerson from Florida, and Brother Rhonemus from Indiana.  Way to travel and represent PDK National gentleman!  Christina and I arrived a little late on Friday afternoon because of traffic and a few stops at the Harley Davidson shops along the way.  We checked into the hotel room and just had time to drink a couple of our complimentary cocktails.  We got to the Chapter house as soon as we could.  It was great to be down south again.  We had a pretty late night hanging with Sarge and his wife Melinda.  I brought out my jar of Moonshine pickles and she had a bottle of Patron.  Not a very good mixture.  I think we called it a night around 2am.

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the Chapter about 11-11:30am.  I believe there were 9 booths set up with their Chili ready to be sampled around 12-12:30.  They were all pretty good but the Taster’s Choice went to Peabody.  That just happened to be my 2nd choice.  It was a tie between Peabody and booth 6.  Thanks to everyone for setting up and presenting their Chili.  They also had some cake walks along with an auction to raise money.

Thanks to Brother Smith for taking us over to the new building and showing us around.  I can’t wait to get back when it is completed and see the final product.  Also Brother Smith took my empty moonshine jar and told me he would have it filled up on Saturday.  He gave it to me Saturday evening and it was full of money.  He told me that the people at the Chili Cook-off donated it.  They wanted it to go to the Kids Christmas.  I counted it when we got back home and there was $62.  I added another $8 to make it an even $70 to donate to the Kid’s Christmas.  Thanks Brother!

We have booked our flights to Seralago, rented a car, and booked our flights to get back home.  I look forward to seeing you all in Florida in February.  Make plans to attend this great event.  You can’t beat the place and price to stay for the weekend.

Proud to be a Phi Delt,
National President
Todd Gullett

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