National President’s Message – May 2020

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,
First of all, I hope that everyone has gotten through this pandemic without any illness.  May God look down upon us and keep us all safe.  Hopefully we will be able to go to our favorite restaurant or watering hole in the near future!
Most of you have probably heard,  but Brother Kerry “Sarge” Gilmer was in a motorcycle wreck in March.  He had a pretty extended stay in the hospital with some broken bones and some breathing issues.  He was released from the hospital around the 1st of April.  He still has a long way to go,  so please pray for healing for our Brother.
I want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.
May is also when we recognize the men and women of the Armed Forces that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free and live in this great country.  Remember them as we celebrate Memorial Day.
PDK has been trying a new way to communicate on the Go To Meeting website.  I think this will come in handy and save some money for National Officers and others in the future.  You will get an invitation through your email and you follow the instructions to join.  It is better to do it on a laptop or computer so you can see and hear everyone.  If you do it through your cellphone you can only hear people.
At Beta Eta we have continued to make improvements to our Chapter  House.  Thanks to everyone that has put the work and time in to making it a better place for everyone.
As of writing this article, all Chapters are shut down due to the Governor’s order.  We now can see what a simple gathering or a night out to eat is such a luxury.
Convention is coming in July so be sure to get your registration in by June 30th, your magazine article by June 20th and your shirt orders in to Beta Eta by May 15th.  All the Chapters should have a Convention Packet, if not,  email Scott Dull at and he will send you the info.  We look forward to seeing you all there.
Don’t forget to get your 20/20 tickets ASAP.  Contact any National Officer and he will gladly hook you up.
May God bless you and your family!
Proud to be a Phi Delt,
Todd Gullett
National President


National President’s Message – February 2020

Hello brothers and sisters,
I want to tell all the sweethearts Happy Valentine’s Day and especially my sweetheart Christina.  Thanks for all you do.  Some of our Chapters would be lost if it wasn’t for the ladies.  Thank you all.
I hope everyone survived their New Year’s Eve party and are on the right track for 2020!  The years seem to fly by nowadays.  I can remember when some people were wondering about Y2K. Was the internet going to be gone? Hard to believe that was 19 years ago.
On the brighter side, January 1st is the date for National Officers to turn in their Expense Reports.  I told myself that I was going to visit every Chapter and travel when I could during my Presidency.  In the past 3 months, I have logged in 4,320 miles.  I still plan on making a trip to Michigan City also.  I will have to spend the night there because it is really hard to make the drive home after the meeting or a function.  It is a 3 1/2 hour drive.
At the end of this month Christina and I are making the trip to Seralago for the Southern State Meeting.  We will be flying down, renting a car for the week, and then flying back from Ft Myers.  We look forward to seeing all of you at the end of this month.
I wanted to let you all know that we have money in the budget for advertising to try and expand membership.  If you donate to a cause, that is promoting membership, get the paperwork together and give it to a National Officer.  We will see about getting your money reimbursed.
Don’t forget to get your 20/20 tickets.  The regular drawings start next month!  Contact me for tickets.  765-546-0900
Proud to be a Phi Delt
National President
Todd Gullett

National President’s Message January 2020

Hello brother’s and sister’s,
Christina and I hope that everyone has a great New Year!
November 4th and 5th we made the trip to Mississippi for their Annual Chili Cook-off.  I was glad to see that there were 4 other National Officers in attendance besides myself.  Brother’s King and More from Mississippi, Brother Lamerson from Florida, and Brother Rhonemus from Indiana.  Way to travel and represent PDK National gentleman!  Christina and I arrived a little late on Friday afternoon because of traffic and a few stops at the Harley Davidson shops along the way.  We checked into the hotel room and just had time to drink a couple of our complimentary cocktails.  We got to the Chapter house as soon as we could.  It was great to be down south again.  We had a pretty late night hanging with Sarge and his wife Melinda.  I brought out my jar of Moonshine pickles and she had a bottle of Patron.  Not a very good mixture.  I think we called it a night around 2am.
Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the Chapter about 11-11:30am.  I believe there were 9 booths set up with their Chili ready to be sampled around 12-12:30.  They were all pretty good but the Taster’s Choice went to Peabody.  That just happened to be my 2nd choice.  It was a tie between Peabody and booth 6.  Thanks to everyone for setting up and presenting their Chili.  They also had some cake walks along with an auction to raise money.
Thanks to Brother Smith for taking us over to the new building and showing us around.  I can’t wait to get back when it is completed and see the final product.  Also Brother Smith took my empty moonshine jar and told me he would have it filled up on Saturday.  He gave it to me Saturday evening and it was full of money.  He told me that the people at the Chili Cook-off donated it.  They wanted it to go to the Kids Christmas.  I counted it when we got back home and there was $62.  I added another $8 to make it an even $70 to donate to the Kid’s Christmas.  Thanks Brother!
We have booked our flights to Seralago, rented a car, and booked our flights to get back home.  I look forward to seeing you all in Florida in February.  Make plans to attend this great event.  You can’t beat the place and price to stay for the weekend.
Proud to be a Phi Delt,
National President
Todd Gullett

National President’s Message – December 2019

Hello brothers and sisters,
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family.  Let’s not forget the reason for the season.  Christmas is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.  May he bless you.
Butch, Larry and I made the trip to Florida for the Fall SEC meeting on October 4-6th.  Brother Joe and Kelly were at the airport to pick us up and let us use their car for the weekend.  We really appreciate you guys doing that for us.  Thanks again.  Thanks to Florida Nu for the beach party on Friday and the Swampfest on Saturday.  We had a great meal of gator tail, frog legs, catfish nuggets and chicken.  Everything was delicious.  Thanks to the brothers and sisters for their hard work and hospitality.
Brother’s Butch Rhonemus, Larry Detro and I, along with 4 other brothers, made the trip to Kokomo for initiation on October 21st.  Kokomo helped, Delta Nu Plymouth, bring in 3 new brother’s.  Congratulations to Brother’s Trump, Johnson and Martin on being Phi Delta Kappa’s newest members.
Brother Butch and myself are heading to Mississippi for the Chili Cook-off November 9th.  We look forward to seeing all our Mississippi family.  The weather there should be a little warmer than Indiana.  It is supposed to be a high in the lower 30’s all week.
If you haven’t bought 20/20 tickets, now would be the time.  Early bird drawings begin this month.  Get in contact with me and I will hook you up.
Proud to be a Phi Delt.
National President
Todd Gullett

National President’s Message – November 2019

Hello brothers and sisters,
First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  This is the time of year to gather with family and friends and enjoy some great food and make memories.
Christina and I made the trip to Danville for their Annual Hog Roast on July 28th.  As we walked up to the Chapter house,  I happened to run into Brother Marty Eckert pushing carts of roasted pork towards the kitchen.  I spoke to him for a minute and then proceeded to the fire pit to talk to the other cooks.  Brother Gary Cameron was there along with new Brother Tim Franklin.  I was told by Gary that Brother Franklin and Brother Coats had built the whole smoker.  It looks great!  Awesome job Brothers.
We hung around for awhile talking with the PDK family before chowing down on a super meal.  Following the meal it was time for some Pig Racing.  It was fun listening to some of the pigs names and the commentary from Brother Bill Eddy.  He kept it interesting to say the least.  Following the pig races, the band was ready to get this party started!  They sounded great and did an outstanding job again.
In closing, remember that November 11th is Veterans Day.  Please take a minute to remember the people that have served this great country.  I am proud to say that I am a Veteran of the US Army.  God bless our troops!
I still have 20/20 tickets for sale.  Get them now so you will not miss any of the chances to win cash.
Proud to be a Phi Delt,
Todd Gullett
National President